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What Should I Consider When Updating My Home Lighting?

Updating your home lighting isn’t just for looks; it can have a significant effect on how much energy you use, how comfortable you are, and how the atmosphere of each room feels.

How Do You Assess Current Lighting Needs?

Prior to making any changes to your lighting, it is important to carefully examine how it is currently set up. Recent polls show that up to 87% of homeowners are unhappy with their home’s lighting. The main reasons given are often problems with dimness, usefulness, and styles that are out of date.

What Problems Do Most People Have With Old Lighting?

A lot of people have problems with their old lighting systems that make their homes less comfortable and less energy efficient. Outdated lights can cause several problems that affect practicality. Studies show that lighting that doesn’t work well can use up to 25% of a home’s energy. By switching to LED lights that use less energy, homes may be able to save up to 75% on their annual lighting costs. This can have a great effect on their power bills and their impact on the environment.

How Do You Assess Which Places Need Better Lighting?

It takes careful assessment to figure out which parts of your home need better lighting. First, look at the lighting is in each room and make a note of any places that feel too dark, too bright, or not well lit. The Dominion Lighting team uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to do full lighting assessments that make sure every part of your project is carefully thought out.

What Tools Or Methods Do You Use To Check The Lighting?

For a lighting review to be useful, the right tools and methods must be used to figure out what is wrong and what can be fixed. Modern software for lighting design lets users accurately simulate different lighting situations, which helps them see their choices before deciding. Professionals in lighting can also do on-site surveys and make personalized suggestions based on how the space is used and how it changes over time.

How Do You Decide Which Lighting Changes To Make First?

When deciding which lighting changes to make first, think about the places where lighting has the most significant effect on daily life and the atmosphere. According to research, kitchens and living rooms need the most lights because they are used for so many things during the day. By focusing on these areas first, residents can improve their homes’ usefulness and looks right away.

When choosing lights for your home, quality is very important. Studies show that when people shop for lighting fixtures, they care most about how long they last, how much energy they use, and how they look. Dominion Lighting only sells lighting products from the best manufacturers. This way, you can be sure that each device will not only improve the look of your space but also last a long time and save you money on energy costs.


Updating your home’s lighting is a smart investment that can make it look better, use less energy, and be more comfortable. You can make choices that are in line with your goals and budget if you carefully consider your current lighting needs and set priorities for changes based on collected data. You can look at Dominion Lighting’s online catalog or call our team of experts right now to learn more about our many lighting options and start making changes to your home with confidence.

Explore our catalog today to discover the perfect lighting for your project!

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