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Lighting for Learning at Home

2020 has proven to be historic in all the wrong ways- testing our patience, bank accounts, and throwing even the most mundane day-to-day routines into disarray. Most of us are adjusting to new work setups or are deep into job hunting efforts. As if that wasn’t enough, millions of us are also trying to help manage our children’s remote learning; cobbling together not only new routines and approaches, but also carving out learning spaces from whatever we can find.

As a result, there’s a good chance that students are in learning spaces that aren’t quite as well-planned as we’d prefer, particularly in regards to lighting.

Day-long exposure to blue light from screens produces significant eye strain; enough that a whole new market segment for “blue-light blocking glasses” has emerged to help. But those do nothing to improve actual desk lighting or reduce the high contrast between screens and wall backgrounds that can quickly create bleary eyes and headaches. Add to that diminishing daylight hours in the winter months, and we definitely have a lighting challenge that an old task light from the attic can’t really fix.

The good news is that LED technology has allowed us to develop task lighting that uses little energy, produces almost no heat, lasts for over a decade, and takes some extraordinary forms that can please even the toughest (kid or designer) audience.

For the youngest students, simplicity and cleanability is key. That means no moving parts or controls, wipability, great overall light, and a compact size that can tuck in just about anywhere:

For elementary-age kids, look for simpler designs that don’t use glass and don’t have many moving parts that can wear down or break, which includes switches or mechanical buttons. We love the Royyo from Koncept that has just one hinge point, offers terrific diffuse light, and has a simple touch control on its stem. Not only that, but the sturdy base includes a USB charging port for compatible devices:

Older students appreciate adjustability to aim light exactly where it’s needed, whether used for a zoom call, a backlight behind a desktop computer screen, or focused, glare-free illumination for sketching and reading. The z-bar series from Koncept offers models with up to six-axis adjustment, touch-dimmability, and even powered bases that can charge devices via USB or wirelessly:

Curious to see these task lights in person? All three (and more) are on display in our Arlington showroom.

Setting up the right lighting may feel like the last step in getting a workspace up and running, but it’s often the most impactful and important. The biggest thing to keep in mind: get good light into the dark space behind screens to soften the contrast between the screen and the wall behind it.

Looking for help with your workspace? We’re here to guide you through all the options available- just set up an appointment with one of our designers and we’ll take it from there.

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2020 has proven to be historic in all the wrong ways- testing our patience, bank accounts, and throwing even the...

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