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Luxurious Lighting Tips for a Brilliant Holiday Season

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The holidays are all about warmth, sparkle, and of course, light. It’s no surprise that some of the darkest months of the year host so many light-themed celebrations like Hanukkah, Diwali, and Christmas. But it’s about more than just twinkling decorative lights- having the right lighting makes the difference between you and your guests feeling warm and cozy and gatherings that feel forgettable or unsophisticated.
First and foremost, dim those lights. There’s nothing less flattering or welcoming than having all your lights at full intensity, particularly when you’re looking to create an environment where friends and family feel at ease. Dimmers are easy to install, and with new smart technologies, setting the right mood can be as easy as a simple voice command or, even better, an automatic routine that gets things looking warm and beautiful every day at sunset.
Add additional sources of light to every room. Flattering, beautiful light must come from multiple places in a room, not just above. Adding table and floor lamps (dimmed, of course), picture lights, and even nestling small accent lights in bookcases, side tables, and on sideboards will eliminate harsh shadows and create the “layered light” that’s the calling card for all high-end lighting designers. The best part is that all these light types only require an outlet, not an electrician, so upgrading can be quick and painless.
Choose the right color temperature. For all the benefits LED lighting brings, one in particular causes all sorts of problems with lighting at home: color. Nothing breaks a mood or diminishes a space more than cold, harsh light from “daylight” or “cool white” bulbs and fixtures. The high-end market has been moving towards warmer-toned lighting over the past few years since it’s more flattering, more luxurious, and doesn’t interfere with sleep cycles. Look for a color temperature of 2700K for most lights and lower if you want to inject candlelight-like warmth into spaces. This applies to exterior lighting, too- harsh white light at your front door feels institutional and low-end, so welcome your guests with a warm, sophisticated glow.
On the topic of guests, apply the same luxurious lighting design to guest bedrooms and bathrooms. Remember, your guests begin and end their days in that room; be an excellent host and work with the assumption that they’re navigating unfamiliar surroundings and can be a little stressed. Strategically placed plug-in motion sensor step-lights along any steps and hallways leading to the bathroom and kitchen will add lighting without glare. Also, consider nightlights or toe-kick lighting in guest bathrooms to warmly guide the way.
While the immediate benefit of lighting upgrades for holiday guests and gatherings is clear, the side effect is a beautiful space you’ll be proud to call home all year round. Not sure where to start? Our expert team of lighting designers can lead the way. Arrange your complimentary lighting design consultation today for a brilliant holiday season.
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