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Illuminating Every Corner – A Room-by-Room Lighting Guide

Navigating the lighting landscape within your home requires a thoughtful approach in alignment with the unique purposes of each room. From the lively living room to the functional kitchen and the tranquil bedroom, this room-by-room guide sheds light on optimal lighting solutions tailored to enhance every space.

Living Room:
  1. Ambient and Task Lighting Harmony:

The living room is a versatile space that benefits from ambient and task lighting. The interplay of floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lights creates a warm and inviting atmosphere; and provides flattering light from multiple directions without harsh shadows, allowing for relaxation and functionality.

  1. Layered Illumination:

The key to great lighting is creating “layers of light.” We always suggest a rule of three: lighting coming from three directions and three types of light at all times. Consider combining ambient lighting from overhead fixtures with task lighting from strategically placed lamps. Then layer in a third source from accent lighting tucked in bookshelves, coffee tables, or countertops. The result will be universally attractive light and minimal glare.


  1. Culinary Illumination:

A well-lit kitchen is essential for culinary success. Achieve this by combining under-counter lighting for bright lighting on countertop prep surfaces, pendant lamps above islands for task lighting on that surface, and recessed and toe-kick lighting to ensure a space that’s easy to navigate with a hot pan or heavy platter.

  1. Functional Color and Intensity:

During cooking time, focused and intense task lighting, at a slightly higher color temperature to ensure proper color rendering, is critical for proper food preparation. Once it’s time to host, dim the lights and shift to a warm, lower-color temperature to mimic a cozy and flattering restaurant environment. Remember that kitchens are a magnet for activity, whether at home with family or entertaining friends, so you want its lighting to be able to shift from task-based to cozy and inviting as needed.


  1. Bright and Shadow-Free Lighting:

The bathroom demands bright, shadow-free lighting, especially around the sink and vanity zone. Wall sconces alongside mirrors provide uniform, outward-facing lighting for grooming tasks, while recessed lights fill the room with bright, ambient light. Consider self-illuminated mirrors that integrate lighting around their perimeter for even better light coverage for makeup or shaving.

  1. Flexible Light Levels:

In the morning, it’s important that the light levels in bathrooms are bright and clean, able to wake you up, and illuminate bathing, makeup, and shaving without a problem. But a comforting spa-like environment is key for winding down and letting go later in the day. Dimmers help make this quick transformation, as do amber-colored lights in creating a warm, candle-lit mood.

Each room in your home has its own unique purpose, and lighting plays a pivotal role in optimizing functionality and ambiance. Our team can be your guide, room-by-room, illuminating the path to creating well-lit and inviting spaces tailored to the specific needs of each area. Embrace the transformative power of lighting, and let every room shine in its own distinct brilliance.

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